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8 Reasons why you must go for a Portrait Shoot!

Portrait shoot – sounds like a series of dreamy moments captured together, for years to come! While we certainly wouldn’t disagree with the above statement, we would, however, like to add a few more points to it. So, we’re here to give out a few, out of the many reasons to go for a couple shoot with your better half.

  1. All the Extra Quality Time Together!

With the current pace of life and lifestyle, it’s more than just difficult to squeeze out that bit of time and spend it leisurely. When you opt for a couple shoots, you get to sneak away from the everyday monotony of life, and just be with each other, and spend the much needed time. Couple shoots allow you to hold hands, exchange glances, kisses, whispers in each other’s ears; and There’s nothing better than having your precious moments captured!

2. All The Right Space To Get Creative And Personal!

Couple shoots give you the freedom to be yourself, in the moment, and get as creative as you can. When we look at this from the photographer’s point of view, it allows them complete freedom, as well, to explore their creativity, in the best of ways possible. Exploring new ways to capture love at its purest and rawest form is an art in itself. And a going for a couple shoot, allows both, the couple and the photographers to reach out for the edge as creatively as possible.

3. Celebrating The Story of Love.

Images portray stories in a much special way than anything else can. There’s no better way to celebrate your love than displaying your pictures of togetherness, and the special moments. Be it at your wedding receptions, birthdays, or anniversaries, your pictures will always be a special memory to look back to, and retell your tale of love!

4.Experience Your Special Moments At Your Special Locations!

There are always locations that are special to a couple, a place that takes them back to beginnings and special moments. Going for a couple shoot means that you get to re-visit your fond memories, at those very locations, special to you both. Be it a movie theater, a tea stall, a specific road, or any location closest to your hearts. A couple shoots allows you to relive the moments, and experience the very same emotions and feelings, all over again. It’s like going back in time, only to freeze it, forever!