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5 Reasons why good old wedding albums are important

You must be thinking, “In a time where digital files and computers are practically doing all our jobs, why would anyone want a wedding album?” A wedding album is your first legacy as a couple, and they are one of the few long-term archival solutions to have. Here we have listed down some of the most important reasons why you should have an old school wedding album.

1. Pictures are precious gems to reminisce

When you put your physical sensation with memories, it gets stronger. It’s highly unlikely for you to forget your wedding day, in hindsight, memories do fade over the years, especially if it has been a long marriage. With wedding albums, you can jog down your memory lane together anytime you want, it could be your anniversary, a couple of guests coming over, or just because you feel like it. Taking out an album from the racks is much easier than searching for digital files, or worse, you could lose those folders in seconds. You invested so much on your wedding day, then why not preserve those memories with a personalized wedding album?

2. Fast-changing technology

Fortunately or unfortunately, technology is changing and growing every second as you are reading this. Those who decided to cut down on wedding albums and saved it on VHS, Floppy discs, and DVDs are having a hard time accessing it. Authentic wedding albums will never become obsolete, no matter how much technology changes. As we are advancing in the field of technology, it is also important to note that some people are still not tech-savvy. We are here to remind you that, when it comes to wedding albums, professionals use high-quality and lasting materials, so it’s all worth the expense.

3. A legacy to pass down

Can you think of a better heirloom than wedding albums to pass down to your younger generations? Wedding albums are personal and yet contribute to family history. Imagine finding a USB 50 years down the lane, will your kids even be able to access it? Pictures can get old, dirty or even wet but they don’t vanish completely. They are the most beautiful intangible keepsakes you can pass down to your younger generations.

4. The narration of your magical story

Haven’t you heard of the phrase, “pictures speak a thousand words”? There will be guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding, and that’s where wedding albums come to your rescue. Once you invest your time and money in creating a personalized wedding album, you are thinking of a long-term solution. When your kith and kin look at the wedding album, touch it, they can feel and visualize the whole story. From time spent in getting ready, to the moment leading up to the vows, every picture narrates the scene.

5. Elevates your mood instantly

You may be having the worst day of your life, and those are the times when wedding albums come in handy. Even if you are fighting with your partner at the moment, and things are a little rough, wedding albums are a magical reminder of what matters the most to you. Disconnect from the reality, make yourself some coffee/tea, get cozy on your bed, and start reliving those awesome moments again.

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